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Shakespeare in Depth with Philippa Kelly  returns for the Spring of 2021 with 8 new sessions concluding in June.  Take a deep dive into Shakespeares words and the world he lived in when writing them.  Each session consists of a pair 1 hour sessions on Tuesdays at 5:30 PM and one optional Saturday study group session at 11:00 AM.

 The Cal Shakes Summer Conservatory is back!  We are pleased to announce two 2-week Conservatory sessions for the summer of 2021. Conservatory sessions will be held in person, outdoors, following social distance guidelines as outlined by the Contra Costa County Health Department and the CDC. Registration will be limited to two stable "casts" of no more than 15 students each during each session.

Shakespearean Swordplay.   En Garde! Learn the basics of theatrical sword fighting. This course will cover techniques for creating stage combat with the weapons traditionally used in Shakespeare's plays: the medieval Broadsword and the renaissance Rapier & Dagger. Stressing safety and physical distancing, students will learn to channel their inner warrior. Additionally, this course will examine the historical uses of these weapons and how a culture of violence influenced Shakespeare's work.